Neumann University: Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development

Neumann University called on Exit Design to create a series of plaques for the Mirenda Center, a new sports facility on campus promoting athletics as a means of character and spiritual growth.

Exit Design led a group of Neumann stakeholders through an eight-month process of content development and creation, identifying and organizing topics that would be educational and inspirational for visitors.

A bigger vision was identified during that process—present the entire building as the message of sport, spirituality, and character development through core values and key narratives. Famous sports stories and local tales shift the focus from sport as a physical competition to one of personal reflection. Those stories, photos, and quotes from scripture appear on acrylic column-wraps throughout the building to reinforce the connection between mind, body, and spirit at every turn.

Exit Design delivered

Content Creation


Interior Wayfinding

Interpretive Exhibit


Aston, Pennsylvania


72,000 square feet

In association with

Tevebaugh Architecture

A series of “value pillars” were designed as a primary architectural feature—large, illuminated glass structures create a stunning cathedral-like setting in the main lobby.

They feature Franciscan values such as Respect, Balance, Reflection, Grace, and Play as a common denominator, connecting character-building to sports activities.

Today, the Mirenda Center functions as a striking campus center, offering students and sports fans the opportunity to examine the connections between sports, spirituality, and character through a powerful interactive exhibit in a state-of-the-art facility.