What is Touchpointing®?

Touchpointing® embraces all moments where a visitor might engage with people, places, and services along their journey.

Empathic Insight is our user-driven research process that identifies unarticulated needs and challenges in the built environment. With a focus on rigorous observation and qualitative interviewing, we walk in the user's shoes at each juncture in the Touchpointing® journey.


How will people learn about the organization?

Marketing / Communications / Website / Social Media


How will visitors prepare for a successful journey?

Emailed Directions / Website / Mobile Application


What is your visitors’ first impression?

Signage / Gateway / Dynamic Display / Placemaking Elements


How can the parking experience provide a positive and comfortable first impression?

Parking Signage / Parking Availability / Payment Information / Proximity


What greeting and information helps visitors feel appreciated and informed as they enter?

Greeters / Placemaking Elements / Art / Signage / Sightlines


What tools do visitors need to provide total support along their journey?

Verbal Directions / Signage / Placemaking / Digital Tools

Arriving at Destination

How will visitors feel when they are greeted at their destination?

Welcome Moment / Storytelling / Signage / Greeter


What experience can be provided for people waiting for an appointment?

Learning / Entertainment / Information / Personal Support

Learning & Experiencing

How will visitors interact with your brand at key and in-between moments?

Storytelling Exhibits / Immersive Experiences


How will visitors find their way back to their car or entry point?

Verbal Directions / Signage / Landmarks