Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH) serves more than half a million patients each year across eight facilities in the Philadelphia region. Exit Design was commissioned to create an interior wayfinding program that would simplify navigation within a complex urban campus.

Exit Design conducted an Experience Assessment by engaging with a diversity of stakeholders to gain insight into current conditions and challenges for the people interacting with TJUH. Many years of construction resulted in multiple entrances, building names, parking lots, and level changes between buildings. Exit Design facilitated a series of experience maps with direct interaction with patients, visitors, and staff resulting in crucial feedback to inform the wayfinding solution.

Exit Design delivered

Brand Identity
Experience Design
Interior Wayfinding
Staff Training


Philadelphia, PA


2+ million square feet

In association with

GNU Group

Legacy building names were retained to protect a familiar language and color-coded methodology was added with simple mapping.

We implemented rigorous testing using prototype signage and landmarks to allow random visitors to find their way while being timed to their destination followed by subsequent interviews.

To ensure that TJUH makes the most of their new program, we trained staff on verbal direction giving and printed wayfinding guides for use across campus.