Penn Museum

Penn Museum has always invited discovery. Exit’s new Wayfinding Master Plan entices visitors to search for their own hidden gems among the museum’s incredible collection of rare objects and artifacts from around the world. Coinciding with a brand refresh and significant renovations, our improved naming conventions and signage strengthen the museum’s new identity, optimize navigation through its improved galleries, and streamline staff operations.

We worked closely with the museum staff to craft signage that orients and informs visitors without disrupting typical exhibition design strategies.

Exit Design delivered

Experience Design
Identity and Wayfinding


Philadelphia, PA


300,000 SF

Our intuitive naming strategy clearly distinguishes the public galleries from the academic spaces used by the University's Archaeology and Anthropology programs. We renamed entrances and elevator banks and renumbered galleries to untangle navigation and improve accessibility throughout the expansive, multi-building institution.

These changes are all visualized in a new user-friendly map that makes it easy for visitors to explore the museum's multiple levels as they learn about ancient cultures and gain a new understanding of human experience.

Thoughtfully designed and fabricated for easy maintenance and installation, the signs are suitable for any wall condition found in the eclectic historic structure that spans multiple expansions and architectural styles. The modular, kit-of-parts sign system dramatically reduces the time and effort required to update gallery identification and wayfinding as programming changes.