Lehigh University

Lehigh University’s “Path to Prominence” strategic plan calls for the construction and renovation of campus facilities, the introduction of new academic programs, and a 20 percent growth of the student body.

In support of this ambitious vision for a more diverse and dynamic institution, Exit partnered with Lehigh to develop new wayfinding infrastructure that unifies their three campuses with consistent branding and improved navigation.

With a decentralized 2,400-acre campus and hilly topography, Lehigh required particularly bold wayfinding solutions that reduce travel time, improve safety, and maintain a strong brand identity.

Exit Design delivered

Experience Design
Identity and Wayfinding


Bethlehem, PA


3 campuses

To better understand the school’s needs, Exit conducted an extensive audit of the entire campus experience and dozens of interviews with key campus stakeholders.

Informed by this research, the new wayfinding master plan optimizes pedestrian paths and vehicular traffic and establishes consistent, user-driven wayfinding using the school’s signature “Institutional Gold” color.

The bold signage and highly visible accent color works with the campus architecture to cultivate an authentic and unmistakable sense of place. The plan also calls for interpretative exhibitions promoting Lehigh’s strategic plan and illuminating its rich collection of art.

By improving access and infrastructure across all three campuses, Lehigh will be equipped to more efficiently utilize its existing resources, to strengthen its connection with the South Bethlehem community, and to accommodate future expansions as the school progresses along its Path to Prominence.