Lankenau Medical Center

Over the years of expansion and development, Lankenau Medical Center evolved to the point that users could not differentiate the specific areas of the facility that they needed to visit.

To help deal with this, Exit Design developed a wayfinding system with the key goal of supporting the diverse group of visitors using the facility. The signage was designed to reflect the environment and the brand that is Lankenau Medical Center.

Exit Design delivered

Experience Assessment
Wayfinding Master Plan
Identity and Wayfinding
Donor Recognition


600,000 SF


Wynnewood, PA

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Exit Design’s “I’m Lost Factor” studied how people experience the hospital’s environment and to understand what is required to provide improvements and enhance the healthcare delivery system.

We developed continuity between the exterior signage and the interior signage by creating a common language for people reading the signs by using a common typeface, color palette, sign design and architecture, and messages that incorporate the same terminology as the interior signage.