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Main Line Health System, Lankenau Medical Center; Wayfinding


Part of suburban Philadelphia’s Main Line Health system, Lankenau Medical Center is a teaching and research-based regional healthcare center. The hospital is well-known for cardiac care and is recognized for its cancer center, neonatal intensive care unit, and kidney transplant program. The hospital has over 1,500 visitors and outpatients each day.

Lankenau Medical Center’s growth and expansion over time meant that visitors had trouble differentiating areas of the facility and wayfinding had become a problem. Most satisfaction surveys provided information too general to develop actionable solutions. ex;it needed both a tangible way to understand the visitor experience at Lankenau and a wayfinding campaign that would alleviate problems and confusion.


In-depth research and analysis were the keys to enhancing wayfinding at Lankenau Medical Center. ex;it conducted an Experience Assessment to study how diverse groups of visitors experience the hospital environment and to understand improvements needed. The assessment offered underlying causes of confusion and identified problems to be corrected. The results became a benchmark score for measuring wayfinding efficacy.

The findings informed a comprehensive wayfinding master plan. The plan recommended zoning the campus, connecting all parking areas to zone designations, creating pre-arrival printed information kits, developing new interior and exterior signage, developing wayfinding guides with maps, and training volunteers and staff in effective direction-giving. Exterior signage was designed to reflect the environment and hospital brand. Continuity to interior signage was accomplished through the use of a common typeface, color, and consistent terminology and messaging.

ex;it’s relationship with Main Line Health and Lankenau Hospital continued with a wayfinding program and interpretive exhibit in the Annenberg Conference Center for Medical Education at Lankenau.

ex;it was featured in SEGD's Design magazine after receiving the organization's Honor Award for Bookending the Hospital Experience. Download the article here.

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