Presence Health

Formed from the merger of two independent healthcare systems, Presence Health (now Ascension) was part of the largest Catholic healthcare provider in Illinois. To create a wayfinding and identify program that reinforces Presence’s dedication to compassionate, holistic care, Exit first helped create consensus among the newly merged executive leadership and facilities teams.

Exit Design delivered

Experience Design
Identity and Wayfinding


Chicago, IL


15 facilities

In association with

HKS Architects

Collaborative insight, combined with an in-depth analysis of existing circulation and pressure points, was critical to establishing a master plan and creative direction that unifies their twenty-three hospital campuses while improving the overall visitor experience throughout the system.

The new exterior identification and directional signage convey information using much simpler nomenclature.
A colorful accent bar ties the directional signage to the brand signage, and acts as a powerful identifier when illuminated at night. The custom blue-green gradient was created specifically for Presence as one of the defining characteristics uniting their system-wide brand.

Entrances and parking areas are also clearly defined with a more intuitive system, combing both name and number, to help staff provide verbal instructions and create a more memorable arrival sequence. The design reflects the unified system’s new brand, establishes a clear hierarchy of information, and creates a consistent nomenclature across all existing locations.

Exit’s flexible approach and scalable solutions helped Presence rebrand their entire network in only 18 months, and provide a simple, efficient strategy for updating new facilities as they are incorporated into the network.