Kaiser Permanente: Antelope Valley Medical Campus

Three goals led the initiative to create a branded environment for a landmark 136,000 square foot greenfield medical campus. We needed to understand the hopes and aspirations of the community to inform the design, create a unique and memorable environment, and inspire strong affinity for Kaiser Permanente in the region.

As a result of extensive engagement guided by our Touchpointing® process, Exit Design discovered that the top priorities of the community were to have a place of art, inspiration, activity, and recreation. Driven by these priorities, in partnership with Selbert Perkins Design, the theme of Healing and Transformation was visualized with local poppies and butterflies.

Exit Design delivered

Community Engagement
Experience Design
Public Art Strategy
Narrative Development
Marketing Collateral


44 Acres

Kaiser Permanente responded to the community with a recreational park with playful sculptures and gathering and play spaces.

Brand-focused graphics, art, and landscape design were integrated into the campus master planning and architecture highlighting Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to total health of mind, body, and spirit.

Narrative pathways with inspirational quotes (curated with the community) connect all activities and invite the public to enjoy the campus as a place of recreation and reflection.

We were honored to help provide Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley with an experience that evokes optimism and joy during all touchpoints on the journey to health and healing.