Fairmount Park Conservancy: Belmont Plateau Trails

The Belmont Plateau in West Fairmount Park is one of the most historic courses in American cross-country. After decades of frequent use, the Plateau’s trails were in need of long-overdue repair. The Fairmount Park Conservancy raised funds for landscape and trail improvements and enlisted Exit Design to envision a new wayfinding system to enhance the runners’ experience.

Exit Design developed a clean, intuitive trail marking system from start to finish. Standard steel I-beams (painted white for increased visibility) feature brightly colored panels for three race courses: 3K, 5K, and 8K. Our modern, flexible system has been a success with runners and race organizers alike, and we are proud to watch it lead the next generation of cross-country athletes through one of Philadelphia’s most beautiful parks.

Exit Design delivered

Experience Design
Trail Wayfinding


3K, 5K, and 8K trails

With unmatched views of the Philadelphia skyline, the Plateau has been host to countless races since the 1960s and is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

The trail marking panels are mechanically fastened to the posts with tamper-poof hardware, but can be adjusted as needed for different events.

We also designed corresponding course maps and installed interpretive signage of West Fairmount Park to illustrate connections between the courses and other park trails.