Drexel University, Innovation Neighborhood

With Innovation Neighborhood, Drexel University will bring together education, research, and corporate partners to create a 6.4 million square foot mixed-use development encouraging innovation, technology, and economic growth. Located in the University City District, adjacent to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, Drexel will be the anchor in this vibrant new community at a prime real estate site along the Northeast Corridor.

Before selecting a master developer and architect, Drexel President John Fry retained Exit Design to engage University leadership with the goal of establishing common priorities, values, and vision.

The resulting INvision Summit report we created describes the collective aspirations for Innovation Neighborhood and presents five core narratives to inform the development process as ideas and design become tangible.

Exit Design delivered

Brand Strategy
Strategic Planning
Community Engagement
Narrative Development
Experience Design


Philadelphia, PA

In association with

Brandywine Realty Trust


6.4 million square feet

Exit Design organized and designed the “INvision Summit,” a full-day workshop in which 30 Drexel administrators and faculty expressed their voices, gained mutual understanding, and built consensus.

In preparation for the full-day workshop, Exit Design also conducted one-on-one interviews with faculty, staff, project partners, students, and the community.

The INVision Summit report is a living document that acts as the conscience for the project, ensuring that Innovation Neighborhood will be grounded in education and reflect the shared value system established and approved by key stakeholders.

"On our Innovation Neighborhood project, Alan Jacobson has gone from consultant to co-author because of the huge amount of value that he’s added in terms of new creative ideas."

John A. Fry, President, Drexel University