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Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB) and a multitude of Philadelphia organizations communicate with thousands of people to inspire a visit to Philadelphia. What do you tell people to compel them to visit? Why are we a “must visit” destination?

Philadelphia is the story of a modern day renaissance city that celebrates freedom and democracy; values innovation and education; nurtures the creative culture; appreciates outdoor life and sport; has a vibrant street life; all in an accessible and friendly way. Six themes illustrated in one comprehensive document, a collection of stories, images, impressions and experiences that conjure imagination of a meaningful and memorable time in Philadelphia; an experience that only Philadelphia can create. 

ex;it created the Philadelphia narrative, which was drawn from interviews, inquiry, observation and work sessions securing experiential feedback with Philadelphia residents and visitors, both domestic and international. 

The narrative will be printed and supported online in open-source fashion for distribution to any organizations that can benefit by using this communication tool in their initiative to attract people to travel to Philadelphia.

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