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Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

The PCVB wanted to improve how to communicate the comprehensiveness and value of what they deliver and its impact on the Philadelphia economy and brand. Print and online communications tools were not differentiating the city brand and, as a whole, appeared inconsistent.

ex;it created a brand strategy document to guide PCVB on how to differentiate its identity and establish a compelling presence in the community, while presenting an engaging perception of the city. The PCVB should feel like it IS Philadelphia and create a new level of visual excitement about the city and region. All communication materials will take their lead from the brand architecture and language to reinforce the culture, quality and spirit of the organization.

All of ex;it’s recommendations were a result of a rigorous series of interviews and work sessions with stakeholders, staff, advisors and board of directors, members, convention attendees, tour operators and tourists. 

The brand strategy informs the design direction. As a result, PCVB’s new logo and communication tools reflect the current and future state of the organization’s beliefs, culture and capabilities. A Brand Guidelines Manual will support the PCVB with brand management.

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