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Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau; Strategic Plan

The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB) is the official Tourism Promotion Agency for the City of Philadelphia and the primary sales and marketing agency for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Philadelphia and its countryside is uniquely positioned to attract visitors from outside the region to become the number one cultural destination in the United States. In addition to the arts, the top tier convention experience, world class restaurants, the life sciences and academic communities, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, and engaging street life make Philadelphia a must-visit destination.

A new era is being launched with the implementation of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Strategic Plan 2015.

The PCVB competes with its counterparts worldwide for convention and tourism business. The organization has departments dedicated to the multicultural, sports, and life sciences markets. Understanding why people select Philadelphia or why they select other cities as their preference was of utmost importance. Setting aspirational goals to be achieved within the next three years and strategies that will impact the future of Philadelphia were among the primary challenges.

Much of the research for the 2015 Strategic Plan was drawn from the annual data available in the convention and tourism industry that is used to measure results and benchmark Philadelphia against competing cities. Interviews and focus group discussions were designed to understand the customer experience and gain clarity on what is working and what needs improvement.

This plan was focused on harnessing the power of the PCVB staff, its enthusiastic members and its distinguished board members. The PCVB and its mission to attract conventions and international travelers greatly impacts the economy and the quality of life in Philadelphia.

The Strategic Plan 2015 is the result of serious introspection of the PCVB organization combined with an outward investigation of the challenges the PCVB is facing. Opportunities have been identified and goals have been set fort he next three years. Strategies have been crafted to focus priorities, meet the competition, and inspire people from around the world to visit Philadelphia.

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