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UPENN School of Social Policy & Practice; SP2 Review


The School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) dates to 1908. One of the oldest social work programs in the world, SP2 conducts leading-edge research and educates students to effect change at the individual, community, policy, national, and global levels. Faculty areas of expertise include child abuse, criminal justice, domestic violence, gerontology, homelessness, and mental health. The annual magazine, SP2 Review, is part annual report, part alumni magazine, highlighting the year’s progress and achievements.

Students, alumni, faculty, donors, and leaders in social policy work around the world read SP2 Review. While filled with articles describing the school’s thought-provoking educational and social leadership efforts, the magazine wasn’t engaging its readers. Its academic design did not represent the contemporary work being done at the school. SP2 Review sought a new creative approach and charged us with a complete publication redesign.


The redesign focused on strengthening the SP2 community by adding impact to its stories. Developing a concept that balanced University of Pennsylvania graphic requirements with an SP2 graphic identity was the biggest challenge. New graphics are based on the belief that “less is more” with increased white space, clean typography, and bold colors. The refreshed design standards lend the book a sense of vibrancy, while a new thematic style of content organization encourages readership. Each annual issue features updated graphics and a current theme along with curated data and a significant infographic component to better illustrate the global influence of SP2. The school attributes an 18-20 percent increase in alumni giving to the book’s impact on readers.

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