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Cooper University Hospital; Interpretive Exhibit

Since 1887, Cooper University Hospital has provided comprehensive health care, medical education, and clinical research to South Jersey and the Delaware Valley. Cooper’s $220 million, 312,000 square foot Patient Pavilion opened in 2008. Architect EwingCole designed a series of 12 alcoves along the building’s main circulation path, envisioning historical photographs within the spaces.

ex;it was brought in to create an interpretive exhibit within the alcoves. Cooper’s archives offered thousands of images, and a multi-disciplined team representing administrative and medical constituencies provided insights. An accelerated schedule and complex engineering necessary to fit displays within the alcoves complicated the project.



ex;it suggested the exhibit concept be expanded to capture both the history and culture of Cooper while providing information to patients, visitors, and hospital staff members. ex;it facilitated workshops for the constituency team to develop and discuss core themes for exhibition. Selected topics range from history and vision to leadership, philosophy of care, and “in your neighborhood.” The design incorporates touch-screen technology into some of the alcoves, making the information as useful – and used – for visitors as for hospital staff. The balanced design is more informative than decorative, telling the story of Cooper’s history and community importance in an engaging and technology-driven manner. The alcoves have become a key visual of both the interior design and the patient-visitor experience.

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