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PREIT, Plymouth Meeting Mall; Exterior Wayfinding


A $100 million redevelopment at Plymouth Meeting Mall combined traditional, enclosed retail built in 1966 with an outdoor lifestyle shopping center and multiple dining and entertainment venues. The mall required a re-branding campaign in keeping with its refreshed image.

ex;it worked with the mall’s developer, PREIT, to create a new identity, evidenced primarily through a new logo and exterior signage program. The program needed to present an updated image to the community, while showcasing Plymouth Meeting Mall as both a shopping and entertainment destination. The transition from traditional retail to destination offered new demographic potential. However, the identity needed to appeal to all demographics and signage needed to comply with strict township zoning requirements.


The identity program’s hallmark is the marquee signage that now attracts visitors to Plymouth Meeting Mall. ex;it designed a composition of seven vertical steel rails 50 feet high. Grouped with equal spacing and internal illumination, the rails are faced in acrylic and perforated metal to filter light and appear translucent. The lighting can be color-adjusted seasonally or for events, offering a layer of flexibility. Although local zoning typically restricts sign height, the zoning board appreciated the sign’s lean, elegant aesthetic and sense of transparency and lifted the restriction. When viewed as an entity, the sign connotes the modern, sophisticated personality the mall’s developers wanted to convey. ex;it also designed directional signage and a branded parking garage signage program.

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