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Virtua Health; Wayfinding

Virtua Voorhees, designed by HGA Architects, is part of comprehensive Virtua Health healthcare system headquartered in Southern New Jersey. Every aspect of the hospital, which opened May 2011, was designed with a focus on the comfort and well-being of patients and their families. The healing environment extends beyond advanced technology and exceptional clinical staff by incorporating the use of natural light, healing gardens, walking paths and meditation spaces.

Virtua recognized the importance of a wayfinding master plan and a comprehensive wayfinding program to support the comfort and well being of visitors, patients and their families. The new 680,000 square foot regional medical center has five entrances that direct people to the services they require.

Considering the multiple entrances for patient direct access to specific services, neighborhoods were created and branded for easy pre-arrival communication and verbal direction giving. These neighborhoods were branded for each of the major service areas in the hospital to help visitors, patients, and staff understand the complex space. The neighborhood concept connected the entrances to the most convenient parking lots and created a verbal language to guide visitors before they arrived.

A color-coded interior wayfinding program identifies your current location as a neighborhood for orientation at all times while directing to the other neighborhoods and destinations.

Simple pre-arrival maps were designed by ex;it to orient visitors and patients when planning their visit and were used to train in a comprehensive training program that was implemented to teach staff how to use the system and give verbal directions.

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