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SAP North American HQ; Interior Wayfinding


SAP is one of the leading international providers of business software for supply-chain management, relationship management, and other enterprise-resource functions. FXFowle Architects designed a major addition to SAP’s North American Headquarters campus. The 200,000 square foot building accommodates 1,500 employees in an environmentally-friendly, LEED Platinum design. The curved building hugs the landscape while a four-story, sun-shaded atrium offers transparency to employees across the three-building campus.

ex;it was responsible for a wayfinding program for the new building and a wayfinding master plan that could be extended to other campus buildings and future additions. The design needed to be graphically lean, in support of SAP’s architectural aesthetic and brand guidelines, while providing clear direction to SAP’s PA-based employees and visitors traveling from other SAP sites.


ex;it organized the building into zones A through D, using the elevator core as a primary orientation device. The zoned system is communicated via color-coded signage inspired by corridor office and conference room window proportions. The signage’s dimensional zone letters and floor numbers were based on the SAP corporate typeface, with outline added to distinguish between zone and floor. Vertical steel plates receive changeable snap-fitted information blades. Projecting, bent-steel icons are laser-cut for an open form. Glass corner features were added behind elevator-bank directories. The neutral color palette is subtly enlivened by the use of colored signage. The colors facilitate intuitive wayfinding, aiding new employees and first-time visitors who can look across campus and see the colors in vertical zones. All of the signage program elements are easily removable for changes and cleaning by SAP facilities staff. In sync with SAP’s efforts to reduce environmental impact, ex;it minimized material usage and specified low-VOC paints. The wayfinding program has become a standard for the SAP campus.

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