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Virtua Health; Donor Recognition

Virtua Voorhees is part of comprehensive Virtua Health healthcare system headquartered in Southern New Jersey. Every aspect of the hospital, which opened May 2011, was designed with a focus on the comfort and well-being of patients and their families. The healing environment extends beyond advanced technology and exceptional clinical staff by incorporating the use of natural light, healing gardens, walking paths and meditation spaces.

Virtua Voorhees recognized its need to acknowledge the donor community at Virtua Health. ex;it’s challenge was to create a donor piece that would retain the feelings of a healing environment while distinguishing the different ranges of contributions.



ex;it designed an engaging installation with floor to ceiling panels that are illuminated with an LED wall carpet. Donors are presented in a series of color squares in sizes based on contribution. Legacy donor names are embedded in glass while major donor opportunities exist using changeable glass panels.

Inspirational words selected by Virtua are on every color square to engage and inspire. A set of Virtua branded greeting cards were designed as gifts to the donors and are on sale in the gift shop. Posters and invitations to donor events are designed using the wall scheme.

This program has been extended to two other campuses in the Virtua system.

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