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Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network; Donor Recognition


Lehigh Valley Hospital – Muhlenberg is one of three hospital campuses in the Lehigh Valley Health Network. The Muhlenberg campus features inpatient and outpatient care, including a regional heart center, pediatric specialty center, and Pennsylvania’s fourth-largest cancer center. The campus underwent a $42 million renovation and expansion project which added a 265,000 square foot patient tower and renovated much of the existing facility.

Lehigh Valley Health Network wanted to recognize donors of its capital campaign. However, there were few available walls for a recognition display in the new building. A lobby corridor with a window-wall into the hospital café provided available area and was selected for the display. ex;it’s challenge was to create a donor program that would retain the feelings of transparency and brightness within the corridor while providing adequate recognition.


ex;it opted to remove the glass from some of the windows, while preserving the mullions and frames. A drywall shadow-box is inset within each window. Glass panels offset from the mullions are illuminated with changeable LED lights. The lights reflect off the glass and backdrop, accentuating donor categories and names imprinted on the glass. The system was designed so that any one, or all, of the panels can be removed or replaced. ex;it’s design was influenced by the hospital’s iconic new architecture by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc. A bold use of typography on the display is in keeping with Venturi’s 48-foot blue H that marks the hospital’s entrance. Retaining the window frames and mullions preserved continuity in the hallway while supporting the architecture. The successful project established donor recognition guidelines for future installations in all of the Lehigh Valley Health Network locations.

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