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Children's Crisis Treatment Center


Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC) is the Philadelphia region’s leading behavioral health organization. They passionately serve the emotional needs of children and families at risk, beginning in early childhood. With a new headquarters on the horizon, rapidly growing staff, competitive donor landscape and a complex set of services and processes, the design team worked with CCTC on a comprehensive brand strategy to lead a full rebranding program.

A new facility was a strategic initiative to both improve and expand their services, as well rethink their early childhood learning center that serves up to 500 children daily.

ex;it worked with CCTC to develop top-line brand attributes to drive the messaging and design direction:

Informed; Creative; Integrated; Resilient



These four words led a narrative around CCTC methodologies, delivery process, and the nature and culture of the medical staff and educators. A full identity system was built around the idea of “weaving” these four attributes together every day.

This new brand was then integrated into the interior and exterior wayfinding, interpretive exhibit and donor recognition program for the new headquarters facility. The donor recognition wall enlivens the space with the bright colors, inspirational words and motivational quotes, with a modular design allows for components to be added or replaced over time. The walls and corridors are lined with words of inspiration to visitors and staff as they move through the facility. The brand’s bright color palette was also incorporated into the interior design and furniture. A new set of communication tools including brand guidelines, printed brochures, mailers, flexible design templates and a new website was also designed and implemented.


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