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St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center; Digital Wayfinding


After extensive community research, a facilities master plan and expansion projects for St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) was developed to reorganize the medical campus to meet the needs of the surrounding population. 



To support SJRMC’s vision for a “Hospital of the Future,” all possible touchpoints, from pre-arrival to departure, needed to be considered in the wayfinding system. Digital technology was used to blend traditional methods with new technologies to improve the navigation experience and optimize system management.

ex;it developed a digital directory as part of the wayfinding program to help patients and visitors self-navigate through the facility upon arrival. The database-driven, touchscreen interface gives up-to-date locations with bilingual directions and maps for the diverse population SJRMC serves. Printable directions guide visitors along their journey using cues from the wayfinding and signage.

To view a demonstration of the digital directory, click here


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