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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Interior Identity and Wayfinding


Established in 1825, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (TJUH), has over 969 acute care beds and is known for their major programs in a wide range of clinical specialties. The hospital, an academic medical center within the Jefferson Health System, serves patients in Philadelphia and surrounding Delaware Valley communities.

TJUH commissioned ex;it in collaboration with another design firm, GNU Group, to steward an interior wayfinding program for the eight facilities on their Philadelphia campus. The system is synergistic with the existing exterior signage program and takes into consideration the Hospital’s place within the University campus. The objectives of the program were to make the user experience less stressful, more efficient and intuitive, enhance the Jefferson brand, and to help provide a positive visitor and patient experience.


ex;it designed a wayfinding system including all signage elements and wayfinding guides for phased implementation system-wide. A simple color-coded feature was included to help identify each route or building, while preserving the legacy of building names on this urban campus.

The integrated TJUH Interior Identity and Wayfinding Program was based on the opportunities and recommendations presented in the Experience Assessment and Wayfinding Master Plan


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